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The Family

The origins of Casa Fabbrini

Rome has always been our home. For my parents, it was until three years ago, when we decided to bet on a dream and opened a country guesthouse in the middle of the Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany, that has now also become their home: the first Casa Fabbrini.

Away from the city where we lived together, in a short span of time, they have managed to recreate the magic atmosphere that friends and relatives acknowledge as the defining trait of our family: the warmth of our hospitality. There, I limited myself to do what I happen to know well, due to natural talent and professional training, that is: to create a place where it is pleasant to stay.

Today, Casa Fabbrini Roma opens in the historical centre of our city, the one where my sister and I were born and still live.

Restoring and decorating a XVI century townhouse in Casa Fabbrini style was, in its problems, the easy part. The most important task awaits us now: to provide all the customers of this boutique b&b with hospitality worthy of our family name.

My mother and father often pass by, to let me cuddle our bassets and bring our guests the products of the farm.

It is nice to notice how they already feel this is their second home. It would make me happy if it was so for you as well.

Simone Fabbrini