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The Townhouse

Away from the world, close to everything

The boutique b&b Casa Fabbrini Campo Marzio is located in the historic center of Rome, in a quiet alleyway close to Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps.

The b&b occupies the five floors of a townhouse building dating back to the early XVI century that was completely restored: a precious dwelling enclosed among the noble palaces of Campus Martius district, one of the most ancient areas in the Eternal City.

The rooms have a recognizable style, a design that is classic and minimal at the same time, defined by very valuable antique furniture.

The harmony between modernity of the townhouse’s finishings and fidelity to its historical origins is expressed in all common areas of Casa Fabbrini.

You can feel this unique blend in the kitchen, where the rich continental breakfast is served every morning, and in the two spacious living rooms in the Open Loft, arranged in a split-level on the mezzanine floor, where the light enhances the colours and the sublime refinement of armchairs, sofas, tables and lamps.

You can see the elegance and the timeless class of this boutique b&b also in the lamps set in all the rooms, which style ranges from the Twenties to the Seventies. These lamps are ideal for relaxing moments, such as reading a book or having a pleasant conversation, and to highlight the uniqueness of each moment, just like in a movie.

Genuine taste

Traditional flavours

What are the essential elements for a perfect holiday?
Certainly, we recommend to start the day with the tastiness and genuineness of homemade products. For this reason, breakfast at Casa Fabbrini is brimming with delicious freshly made treats and delicacies coming from our farmhouse in Tuscany: fragrant croissants, freshly baked bread and cakes, yogurt, cereal, cookies and organic jams, coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes, cheese and cold cuts.

Enjoy the products of Casa Fabbrini and the Italian typical food specialities: breakfast here is a triumph of unique flavors and aromas!